BLUEOCEAN.TV FAQs and Licensing Information

Free Searches

We offer searchable video clips and photos from our underwater and ocean stock footage library to help you quickly find what you need. Since our entire ocean and underwater stock footage library has not yet been uploaded, please feel free to contact us to see if we have what you need. If we do not have it we may be able to search our contacts for your subject for free.
Contact Us:


Please give us a call or send us an email with how you want to use the video, such as for tv programs, commercials, educational presentations, digital signage, theatrical, internet, etc. Please let us know how long you want to license the video or photo, how many seconds or minutes you are interested in licensing, and what territory you want your license to cover. We reduce our license fees per second with larger amounts of video.

Rights Managed Library

All photos and video (Content) on this site are available for Rights Managed Licensing where you are granted use of the Content for a specified project for a license fee. We do not offer Royalty Free licensing that would allow you to use the Content for numerous projects indefinately. Ownership and copyright of displayed Content is never transfered and remains with Blue Ocean Productions or other featured artists. Our license agreements prohibit you from selling, renting, sub-licensing, sub-distributing, or in any other way commercialising the Content for any purpose whatsoever, other than the purpose specified in your License Agreement.

You may not download, copy or remove Content from this site and use it without a license agreement. We reserve the right to prosecute unauthorized uses to the full extent of the law.

You must take resonable caution to protect our Content once in your posession so that no third parties have access to or are able to copy, download, re-distribute, post electronically, display or use it in any way.

How to use our LightBox

Our Lightbox is where you can create a collection of clips your are interested in viewing further or sending to us for a licensing fee quote. To add a clip to your Lightbox click "Add to Lightbox" below the clip you are interested in viewing further. After you have added the clips you are interested in, click on "View Lightbox" to review and compare your selected clips. You can refine your selected clips by adding or subtracting clips and then you can save your Lightbox for future use and reference. Please send your Lightbox collection to us using "Send Lightbox for Quote." We will reply to you usually within hours of your email with either a license fee quote or a request for additional information. To receive the fastest and most accurate quote for your project, please include a description of your project, about how much video you want to license, how you will use the video, and what territories you want to cover. We reduce our license fees per second with larger amounts of video.


Once a signed license agreement is accepted we can send clips to you electronically through a file delivery service sent to your email address. We can also deliver files saved on DVDs. Our clips are delivered using Apple ProRes 422 at 1920x1080. If you need a different codec please let us know. Clips can also be delivered on a tape format of your choice though we will need to charge a post-production fee for this service.

Terms of Use

This site, its information, Content, design and workings are the property of BLUEOCEAN.TV, a subsidiary of Blue Ocean Productions. You may use this site to determine if the Content is suitable for your project. By using this website you are agreeing to abide by the Terms of Use listed on this page. We occassionally update the Terms of Use of this website so please check back periodically to understand our policies and Terms of Use.


We do not share personal information about you with others. Any information shared between us to create a license agreement remains private. We also do not share the terms of our license agreements with others and we require that all parties keep the terms of our agreements confidential.

Embedding video from Blue Ocean Productions

Video on this site may be embedded on your Facebook page for non-commercial purposes using the Facebook embed icon located on each video. The intention of this service is to allow people to share this video to increase enjoyment and education about sea life and our oceans. Video may not be downloaded from this site and used in any way without written permission from Blue Ocean Productions. We reserve the right to remove this embed feature at any time and links to our Content are not guaranteed.